Wealth Creation

Through Property

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One of the services we offer here at Cherish Properties is a property find service for starting or growing your property portfolio.

Having secured a substantial property rental portfolio within the West Midlands, I am keen to help other people grow theirs by sourcing the right property for each individual.

Creating and sustaining wealth is not always easy. We all know someone who didn’t invest wisely and are probably still suffering the consequences, years after the original investment.

Imagine being able to replace your earned income each month, with a passive income from a rental property. Would you carry on working, or follow what were, until now only hopes and dreams?

Choosing the right area is key to a successful rental property; it’s not just about securing the right price nor having all the latest modern features. If the property is not in the right area, then long rental voids could occur eating away at your savings and could cause serious financial difficulty, if you haven’t planned for it.

If done properly … with your head and not you heart, with the right knowledge and experience, a property portfolio can be the best asset you will ever own.

Here are a just a few reasons why property is the best route for financial freedom:

You retain control of your money and your investment at all times- you are not at the mercy of asset managers or other financial institutions

You can increase the value of your property and your return on investment in numerous ways

While you are sitting back earning a monthly passive income, your asset is appreciating in value

With the right knowledge and management company, growing and maintaining your property investment takes very little time and effort

Property investment is a long-term strategy and less vulnerable to changes in the market and the economy

The risks inherent in property investment can be avoided, insured or deducted from your tax return, making property an investment class which offers low risk, but high returns.

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